Rejunivation Tonic
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Rejunivation Tonic

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    This tonic will nutrify, support the body's organic, aid in protecting from stress via antioxidant activity of blueberries, support digestion (raw honey), and strengthen the blood (nettles), supply trace minerals, vitamins and energy. This tonic also contains burdock root, which stimulates the natural flow of lymphatic fluid, thus supporting the excretion of toxic products from the body. The nettles, rich in iron, Vitamin C, Calcium Magnesium Zinc support the blood and immune system and urinary tract. The milk thistle seed supports liver protection and exhibits antioxidant activity. The fresh bee pollen is rich in B vitamins, bioflavanoids, and protein. It is energizing. The kelp is high in natural iodine, trace minerals which support thyroid function and lends a touch of ocean energy.